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Support for startups in Greece

A Greek initiative brings impetus for innovation in Southeastern Europe
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Support for startups in Greece

Elevate Greece is an initiative launched by the Greek Government, intended to identify promising startups and support their growth nurturing a robust innovation ecosystem along the way.

The initiative provides a digital gate through which Greek startups can apply requesting to be officially accredited by the Ministry of Development & Investments – General Secretariat for Research & Innovation.

Startups can apply to be included in the The National Startup Registry. To do this, they must meet certain criteria. These relate to organizational aspects, innovation and scalability. The registry aims at monitoring startup entrepreneurship progress based on specific KPIs, at supporting them with benefits and incentives and to operate as a dashboard of metrics to attract investors from Greece and abroad.

Serving as a gateway, Elevate Greece is the official platform and leading resource for in-depth information on the Greek startup ecosystem, aspiring to help it grow and expand. That way, the initiative promotes Greece as a major innovation hub in South East Europe.

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