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About us

Health, Heart and Science is a digital platform showcasing patient-driven innovations in a variety of healthcare fields that were developed for and with patients. We hope these examples will act as a source of inspiration for research, policy and society.  

The platform was initiated by Pfizer Patient Advocacy in Germany to give greater visibility to alliances for and with patients. We are convinced that cooperation between institutions and across national borders can lead to greater health equity. That is why the platform is growing and why it highlights the commitment of many teams in different countries. 

Our Mission
Christina Claussen (Pfizer)
Christina Claussen
Senior Director Patient Advocacy, Pfizer

Our patient-minded innovators identify healthcare problems and use their commitment, expertise, experience, and creativity to find solutions and encourage others.

Meet our Experts

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Our Engagement 

Pfizer Patient Advocacy is committed to improving the everyday lives of patients. We listen to and value the perspectives of experts from patient organizations, medicine, science, and politics. Their input was vital in the co-creation of numerous projects and initiatives to improve the situation of patients and inspire and encourage others to find and implement solutions themselves. These initiatives provide information for people with diseases and their relatives, support education, combat stigmatization and propose practical solutions that make our healthcare system more patient-centered and future-proof.